We are perfectionists.

Every detail is of the highest quality, yet we are always conscious of costs. We build every house as if we are building it for ourselves. Where others use framing crews, we choose to have journeyman carpenters on staff. We work as a team - a team that is proud of every home we build.

We are conscientious.

This is your future home and the people on the street are your future neighbours. We ensure that we impact their lives no more than absolutely necessary during the building process. Each job’s on-site supervisor is always available to answer questions, address any concerns, and ensure that the highest safety standards are followed.

We are family owned.

We believe in keeping our team lean and close, focusing on craftsmanship by using only the highest skilled carpenters and subtrades, and offering transparency in costs and billing - a formula that has worked for us since 1988.

We are Westcove Construction.